13.10.1999 – The Sillamäe Tailing Pond Remediation Project starts


The Project gets grant financing from the following sources:

European Commission (LSIF - Large Scale Infrastructure Facility) – 5 million EURO
Norwegian Government – 2 million USD
Swedish Government – 1 million EURO
Finnish Government – 1 million USD
Danish Government – 1 million USD
Estonian Government – 3 million EURO
Nordic Environmental Finance Corporation (NEFCO) – 2 million EURO

Besides the mentioned contributions there is also 5 million EURO coming from the Nordic Investment Bank long term environmental loan for Estonia.

According to the remediation project there has to be constructed an shore protection embankment in front of the depository, to establish an pile grillage to increase the stability of the dam, to construct a cut-off wall to block the spreading of the soil and ground water, to build a waterproof cover at the depository.

The actual remediation works have been planned to start already this year. According to the technical design made by German company Wismut GmbH the works have planned to last for 7 years. The total cost of the remediation project is 20 million EURO.

The Sillamäe Tailing Pond Remediation Project has been prepared by ÖkoSil Ltd. together with the Estonian Ministry of Environment. The management of the Project will be a task of ÖkoSil Ltd., a public-private partnership company established in summer 1998 by Silmet Group Ltd. and Estonian State. According to the agreement between the European Commission, donor countries and Nordic Environmental Finance Corporation there has been developed an Project Management Unit within ÖkoSil Ltd., which will organize the implementation of the Project (financing, tendering, contracting, follow-up, liaison with the financiers, reporting, etc.).

There are over 700 objects producing uranium, including 29 radioactive tailing ponds, which all need environmental remediation in East and Central Europe. With the realization of the plan the Sillamäe will be the first environmentally remediated and recultivated uranium site in East and Central Europe. It is the biggest environmental remediation project in Estonian history.

More information: phone 646 29 84, mr. Tõnis Kaasik, mr. Raimo Jaaksoo

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