History of the project


The restructuring project of Sillamäe refuse depository was launched by the Republic of Estonia in co-operation with Silmet Grupp Ltd. in the summer of 1997, when in the framework of EU Phare Environment program pilot project an application for the development of technical project for restructuring (cost approx. 7 million EEK) was submitted.

In co-operation with Los Alamos State Laboratory an international technical conference was arranged for preparation of the projecting work. The conference, being financed and supported by NATO, took place in Tallinn, at the National Library from Oct 4 to 9, 1998. Representatives from 13 countries attended the conference.

In co-operation with the Geotechnic Institute of Norway an application was submitted to the state of Norway to finance an up-to-date Geotechnic monitoring system (inclinometer). The application was approved and installation together with surveillance training is planned for the year 2000.

In spring 1998 the pilot project application, submitted to Phare Environment Program was approved and Wismut GmbH won the international bidding for designer.

In July 1999 the European Commission approved the application of the Republic of Estonia to finance the restructuring project of Sillamäe refuse depository in the extent of 25% (5 million EUR) form the funds of Phare LSIF and on Dec 23, 1999 the final protocol between the Republic of Estonia and the European Commission about financing the project was signed.

On October 13, 1999 the Minister of Environment of Estonia, the representatives of the governments of the Nordic Countries and the Financial Corporation of the Nordic Countries together with the executives of Silmet Grupp Ltd. and Ökosil Ltd. signed the contract about the restructuring project of refusal depository in Sillamäe. The contract estimates liquidation of one the most dangerous and talked about pollution object over the decades by 2006.

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